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Here you will find all of our archives for 2017

5th December 2017
Free Readings Night
Brian’s Reading http://ghostcallradio.com/readings/brian.PNG
Darlene’s Reading http://ghostcallradio.com/readings/darlene.PNG
Karen’s Reading http://ghostcallradio.com/readings/karens.PNG
Mag’s Reading http://ghostcallradio.com/readings/mags.PNG
Michelle’s Reading http://ghostcallradio.com/readings/michelles.PNG
Nel’s Reading http://ghostcallradio.com/readings/nel.PNG
Sharon’s Reading http://ghostcallradio.com/readings/sharon.PNG

2nd October 2017
Series 4 Episode 1 of Intuitive art, Lenormand cand card readings

Images for the show can be found here
Month card reading : http://ghostcallradio.com/pics/pic3.JPG
Nel’s card reading : Http://ghostcallradio.com/pics/pic1.JPG
Alex’s card reading : http://ghostcallradio.com/pics/pic2.JPG
Darlene’s card reading : http://ghostcallradio.com/pics/pic4.JPG

11th September 2017
Witchy Way Last in this series Episode 5 Luck

4th September 2017
Witchy Way Season 3 Episode 4 Abundance

28th August 2017
Witchy Way Season 3 Episode 3 Chance Meeting.

21st August 2017
Witchy Way Season 3 Episode 2 Time spell.

14th August 2017
Dorothy Talks about spells, this week she talks about time spells. S03E1

17th July 2013
We talk about the American Indian Divination. This is the last in the series and a new series will start on the 7th August 2017.

3rd July 2017
We talked about Maori divination

26th June 2017
S02E4 We talked about the different astrology around the world.

19th June 2017
S02 E03 I Ching Divination and a few I ching readings.

12th June 2017
We talk about shamanic divination series 2 episode 2

5th June 2017
A new series of shows online, Divination of the ages offers a look at the various tools and reasoning behind our innate need to work with the energetic environment, to try and tip the balance in our favour. Today Dorothy talks about Celtic tools, starting with the mystical druids.

29th May 2017
We talk about our guides and done some readings.

22nd May 2017
We talked about crystals and did some reading from people in chat.

15th May 2017
We talked about pure visions, Alex and Nel gets a reading.

8th May 2017
We Talked about pass life and some readings at the end of the show.

1st May 2017
We talked about the tarot cards and done some readings too.
Next week we are going to talk about passed life.

24th April 2017
Dorothy gives Aura readings.
Here are the images for the show http://wp.me/P8zosf-I

17th April 2017
Today Dorothy gives people readings from her own deck

10th April 2017
Episode 1 what’s coming up in the next few weeks and gives a few readings.