2016 Archives

Here you will find all of our 2016 archived shows.
Our latest show will be top of the list.

13th December 2016
Just a quick update on what I’ve been up to and why there has been no shows for a while.

15th November 2016
we talked to Dale Kaczmarek, about Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery and more

18th October 2016
This is the first of 2 shows talking about Octagon Hall. The second can be found on KGB Paranormal Radio along with this file and the live recording from Octagon Hall which was live on Saturday October 15th.

20th September 2016
Our special guest Annuki will be discussing all things aliens, abductions.
This is the personal journey of a brave woman, speaking out about her own journey. If you are interested in the concept of alien beings, feel you have a connection to them or have been abducted, then you wont want to miss this show!

7th September 2016
We talk about the oil pipe that the Native American’s are trying to stop going through their sacred land. With us we have Charles Twodog a Native American, and Nel from our Chat room, along with your host Alex and co-host Gina.

16 August 2016
Ghost Call Radio Show welcomes , UFO investigator, Host of the popular radio program on Blogtalk Radio Network, Center of The Universe Radio Show’s own, Ron Tittle and his fellow host is Blueshift! We will be discussing all things aliens!

12th July 2016
Back by popular demand, we have Christian Dion.

8th July 2016
We talked to Mark Deville and John Forster about Haunted Cornwall FM. Unfortunately we had technical problems right at the end of the show. We will be rescheduling the show for another night.

28th June 2016
We talked to Randy Bohland about his dog shelter charity event & what he has coming up.

21st June 2016
We talked to Phillip Roell about his adventures in the paranormal.

14th June 2016
We had Returning Guest and great friend, Christian Dion, We talking about his predictions for 2016

7th June 2016
We talked to Jeffrey Seelman about our connection to aliens and also about what happens when we die. Part 2

31st May 2016
We talked to Jeffrey Seelman about his life and experiences. Part 1

24th May 2016
We Talk to Twodog.

17th May 2016
Paranormal Movies, what we thought about them.

10th May 2016
We talked to Christian Dion about his life, then in the second hour we took call in’s

3rd May 2016
We talked to Chase Kloetzke about black eyed children.

19th April 2016
Let’s talk EchoVox.

12th April 2016
Conspiracy theories

5th April 2016
Let’s talk EVP’s!

22nd March 2016
We talked to Dennis Pearce.

15th March 2016
We talked to Barb Campbell from Traces Unknown.

8th March 2016
Paranormal 101

1st March 2016
We talked to Gina and Jack from parascience, about the captures of the spirits via Skype.

22 Febuary 2016
we Talked to Randy and the TAPIT team.