2017 Archives

Welcome to the 2017 archive page.

26th September 2017
Stanley Jolet (aka The Cajun Ghost Hunter)

5th September 2017
General chat UFO’s, Paranormal and more.

22nd August 2017
We talked about the Eclipse and about EAPI’s Investigation last Saturday.

8th August 2017
We talked to the owner of the Jailer’s Inn

25th July 2017
We talked to Beverly Leavell she is the vice president and co founder of southern Indiana ghosthunters network.

11th July 2017
We talked about the Antarctica Mysteries.

27th June 2017
we talked about what got us into ghost hunting and also a little about UFO’s.

20th June 2017
Our guest will be none other than Kay Owens. She is a veteran in the paranormal field, her group S.I.G.H.T. which stands for scientific investigative ghost hunting team. she will share her vast experience in this exciting field.

13th June 2017
We talked about the do’s and Don’ts and EMF meters

6th June 2017
We talked to Jason Baker our new graphics designer and photo analyst. We also did an Echovox session and asked questions from the chat.

30 May 2017
We talked to Ufologist Bill Rooke, aka Alien Bill about his communication with Extraterrestrials and the photos he took of them. follow to this link to view the images we talked about http://thepituk.co.uk/ghostcall/alien-bills-photos/

16th May 2017
We talked to Suzie Shoemaker from the paranormal group The Mystery Gang.

11th April 2017
We talked about different things to do with an investigation.

4th April 2017
We talked to Joshua P Warren about many of the paranormal events in his life. We also talked about Brown Mountain Lights and spirit pets.

28th March 2017
We talked about UFO’s in the first hour,
then went on to talk about hollow earth or flat earth.

14th March 2017
We talked about investigation that we done a couple of nights ago.
our guest was Gary Bradfield from E.A.P.I. UK

7th March 2017
We talked about investigating equipment that we use when searching for spirits.

We was on a short break for a while doing investigations but we are back now.

25th January 2017
We talked to founder Tracy from Emerald Coast Paranormal Concept about his paranormal adventures.

17th January 2017
We talked to Steviee Salzman a psychic vampire and a psychic.

13th January 2017
We talked about some of Mike and Shana’s investigations at the Golden Rod show boat, Sulphur Springs west Virginia and Helltown Ohio. We also talked about some of Mike’s books.

10th January 2017
We talked about the Mandela Effect from what has change in movies, TV shows, logo’s and the JFK assassination. the Mandela effect is where lots of people remember one thing, other then what has changed. One example is from Starwars, people remember “Luke, I am your father” but when you look at the movie he says “No, I am your father”. That is the Mandela effect.

Here’s the link to the video that got me interested in doing a show about the Mandela Effect. Red Pill