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21st December 2016
We talked to Kitty Janusz about her paranormal and psychic adventures.

14th December 2016
Open callin night.

7th December 2016
Open forum night.

30th November 2016
We talked to Mary Wilson on Wicca and the paranormal

16th November 2016
We play catch up on the event that is coming up

9th November 2016
We have a quick chat about the up and coming event at Octagon Hall.

18th & 19th October 2016
This is our 2 part special on Octagon Hall the first show was on KGB paranormal’s earlier visit to Octagon Hall. The second show was the evidence caught at the Hall on the 15th October. the 3rd file is the recording from the 15th October which was broadcast live on GhostCall Radio Network as a special show. Also check out the files on the EVP Capture tab at the top of what Alex (GhostCall Radio Host) caught whilst listening to the live broadcast on October 15th 2016.

12th October 2016
Angel Leigh was our guest on the show. She is AWESOME. She has helped countless amount of people in her short life so far.

5th October 2016
We talked about what we have coming up and and answered a few questions from the chat and and caller.

28th September 2016
We talked with Peter James Haviland, lead investigator and president of Lone Star Spirits Paranormal Investigations (LSSPI). Peter is also an Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. He has had success with clients in haunting cases in removing fears, anxieties, and psychological triggers that have caused either possible poltergeist activity or hypersensitivity due to subconscious triggering mechanisms.

10th August 2016
Come listen to Sarah May. She is a wonderful Lady from Solihull England. She has many accomplishments such as her Sarah May Soul Cafe, and she also co hosts at Spirit on radio with Ray Boker and Sarah May. She also has also been a guest speaker at Pulse Talk Talk Radio and also a former physic and presenter on SKY TV.

3rd August 2016
We will have Mark as a Guest again. He was so accurate last time he was on, we had requests to bring him back.

13th July 2016
An Evening with Mark Deville,Spiritualist,Medium,Healer and Teacher

6th July 2016
We talked to Adam Head. Lead Tech/Investigator for Afterlife Paranormal Investigations of Alabama.

23 June 2016
We talked to SERT, a paranormal team made up of 3 members from the state of Louisiana.

15th June 2016
We talked to Jeff and Nancy again tonight, and also do a live ghost box session on air!

8th June 2016
We talked to Jeff and Nancy about the Ghost Box.