2017 Archives

Here you will find our archives for 2017

5th July 2017
Returning guest Angel Leigh

28th June 2017
We talk about the evidence that we caught at the private location.

21 June 2017
Part 2 of the private home investigation.

14th June 2017
We discuss many things paranormal and more.

7th June 2017
Live Investigation from a private location.

24th May 2017
We talk to Robert Bobcat.

17th May 2017
We talked to Charles Stansburge about his UFO experience.

3rd May 2017
We talked to The Mystery Gang and played some of their EVP’s.

19th April 2017
We talked about the bible and religion.

12 April 2017
We talked about Bigfoot

5th April 2017
We talked about some paranormal stories

22nd March 2017
It was an open chat night with some very controversial topics.

15th March 2017
we talked about History and an investigation.

8th March 2017
We talked about anything and everything.

1st March 2017
So you want to be a ghost hunter? we talk about the basics of what you would need.

22nd February 2017
We talked to Dr Kelli Coffee about her journey.

15th February 2017
Bill’s back and they talk about up and coming events.

8th February 2017
David is in control for the show as Bill was under the weather.

25th January 2017
Our guest was Psychic Medium Bridget Gentry. You can contact her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/luminousguide/.

18th January 2017
We talked about the hat man and shadow people.

11th January 2017
Ron Boles tell about his encounters with Bigfoot and tell about evidence he has found.