2016 Archives

Welcome to the archives page for 2016.

15th December 2016
Mark talks about our journey of life.

1st December 2016
Karl talks about things that go bump in the night.

24th November 2016
Our guest was Kess Talking about wiccan.

17th November 2016
We have returning guest host Sarah Koch talking about meditation.

10th November 2016
Tonight we have a special guest host Sarah Koch.

3rd November 2016
We talked about spiritual circles and trance mediumship.

27th October 2016
Our guest was Karl talking about his druid path.

20th October 2016
We’ll be talking about spiritual journeys, with his guest Georgia Jenkins, who is a seer and an oracle and a teacher of many different ways.

13th October 2016
Tonight we talked about more about the Native Americans and spiritual.

6th October 2016
Tonight we talked about our abilities and gifts and a bit about Native Americans.

11th August 2016
Marks first show talking a bit about himself and gives some insight into spirituality.