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Here you will find all of Haunting the Afterlife Archive.
Enjoy the shows.

10th November 2017
Special guest Caitlyn.

3rd November 2017
Guest Zoe from Tiny Paranormal Radio
the Mystery Gang, Nevada

27th October 2017
Tonight’s Guest is Nel

20th October 2017
William Bowling from KGB Paranormal

13th October 2017
K&P Paranormal Investigations

6th October 2017
Alex Collins from EAPI and Host of GhostCall Radio

29th September 2017
Bodie Ghost Town

22nd September 2017
Silver Queen Nevada

8th September 2017
Gold Hill Nevada

1st September 2017
EVP’s from Saturday 26th August investigation and more.

25th August 2017
Amanda Fleming

18th August 2017
Virgil Parker paranormal Investigator from Nevada

11th August 2017
The Geiger house Nevada

28th July 2017
Keith Andrews & Chucky talk about the galactic war

21st July 2017
They talk to Zoe from Tiny Paranormal.

14th July 2017
We talked about our latest investigation at Robb Canyon.

30th June 2017
The Mystery Gang finally talks in detail about there experiences at the infamously haunted 600 Geiger Grade property! Be ready to be shocked as you listen to our unforgettable personal experiences and our jaw-dropping evidence reveal!

23rd June 2017
We talked about the Genoa Cemetery and played some of our
evidence and showed some pictures.
To view and listen to the evidence follow this link
EVP’s & Pictures

16th June 2017
We lost the first 14 minutes of the audio due to interference. But the rest of the show was fine. Jack Oliver was our guest for the night and had a very interesting show.

9th June 2017
We discuss how to start an investigation and also talked about Paranormal Unity

2nd June 2017
Intro to the Mystery Gang and answered some questions from the chat.